PRE-DRILL Services

Our pre-drill division focuses on two main things, Safety and Results. We pride our self on completing the job safely, in a timely manner, and to our client’s satisfaction. We offer a talented and experienced leadership team, backed by a highly skilled and engaged operations team. With our diverse range of pre-drill services, we are guaranteed to satisfy your pre-drill needs.

We are dedicated to ensuring optimal results through the use of our reliable equipment, and our industry experience. We develop long term relationships with our clients based on our ability to ensure that each client receives the highest quality of service at a competitive rate. Our satisfaction is the results of a safe work environment, and a satisfied customer. 

Project Management Services

  • Pre-Drilling
  • Large Diameter Holes
  • Screw Piling
  • Cast in Place
  • Rock Air Drilling

Project Inventory

Our PRE-DRILL inventory includes:

  • 19” to 40” Outside Diameter Dirt Augers
  • 19” to 40” Outside Diameter Rock Augers
  • Belling Tool
  • Carbide Teeth
  • Bullet Teeth
  • Shovel Teeth
  • Pilot Teeth
  • Carbide Dirt Auger Points



  • Type: DTH
  • 102mm Steel

Texoma 700/800

  • Truck mounted auger rigs.
  • 60’ Digging Depth.
  • Front & rear hydraulic out/down outriggers.
  • 53,390 lb. Torque.


  • Powerful mid-range production drill, standard low pressure air for rotary drilling
  • Four pod inside loader, for productivity and increased depth
  • Central lubrication and fluid system for speed of servicing and cleaner operation

Watson 2500

  • Truck mounted auger rigs
  • Hydraulic winches. Inner Kelly winch has “controlled freefall”
  • Drill Depths to 34’ (10.4m)with two kellys or 54’ (16.5m)with three kellys
  • Travel position height and gross weight allow single load transport without disassembly
  • Capacity – Typical hole diameters: 10″ to 96″ (25 to 243cm)
    – Hole depth: 120ft
  • Performance – Torque: 81,000 lb-ft (110,160 Nm)
    – Hoist: 25,000 lb.
    – Crowd: 38,000 lb. 


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